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Animal Stillness

Animal Icon Challenge

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Welcome to animalstillness!

This is an icon challenge community centered around animals. There will be weekly and monthly challenges. Icon makers of all levels of expertise are welcome. Anybody who makes brushes for icons is also welcomed. Here's how the challenges work:

A theme will be posted on Friday and the deadline for icons to be submitted to that post as a comment will be the following Thursday at noon.
The icons submitted will be posted on Thursday evening and members will vote for their favorites.
On Monday the winners (first, second, third, and Mod's choice) will be announced and the submissions of icons will be unscreened for others to snag, as long as they credit the maker, of course. Banners for the winners will be posted between Monday and Friday.

The monthly challenges will work very differently from the weekly challenges. A specific species will be set as the "Species of the Month", as voted on by the members. Then there will be one big post made with three individual challenges within it. Icon makers can choose one, two, or all of the challenges to submit icons for.

Rules will be explained more clearly with each challenge. Any questions can be directed to the moderator, lblikesbagels.

Want to be a banner maker? Contact lblikesbagels.

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